Vinyl Wrap Car

Vinyl wrap car

Transform your car with vinyl wrap with KEMsigns professional wrapping team. KEMsigns has been installing vinyl car signage in Melbourne for more than 35 years.
Therefore, KEMsigns has the Experience and skills to make your vehicle stand out in the crowd.

How to get a Perfect wrap for your car

Car wraps have been very popular lately it is not only associates with advertising purpose for business self-advertisement, but also it becomes more individual piece of art. Over the years, Car wrap is the term of used in market practice which is the vehicle is wrapped completely, partially covering or vinyl graphics. Then to get high quality car wraps, it includes with design, material, production and installation.

Perfect car wraps – Quality & durability

Pre- install steps
A clean vehicle results in more durable finish. Before the vehicle is pulled in to the workshop, cutomers are advised that the vehicle should be cleaned the day before. Otherwise, the dust or dirt will get on the adhesive and it will compromise the overall quality.

Vehicle wraps can be achieved by putting on a large vinyl sheets. The vinyl sheets can later be removed easily. 3M Conformable vinyl is one of the highest quality materials, which can be moulded to every part of a vehicle with proper adhesion. The vinyl is heated treated with a heat gun to mould the prouduct in all the cavities of your vehicles surface by Our car wrap specialist

The product used depends on the client preferences and budget. Most of the high quality vinyl manufacturers mention that the material will last up to 12 years. There are two different kinds of vinyl. To get a high quality which has ability to stretch and alterable but does modify the graphic without ruining the original paint. The cast vinyl will answer. However calendared might suit to a tide budget than cast vinyl, but it is hard to match colors, and also the vinyl itself doesn’t conform as well to vehicles. However, Kemsigns can extend the life of your wrap by introduce laminated clear protective layers. It provides a smooth and durable surface. Our technology ensures a long lasting your piece of artwork not to shrink, scratch or peel off.


When considering a vehicle graphics, Design the right vehicle wrap is a tool to draw attention. Not only the colour and fabulous look, but also the size which is matter. The effective vehicle wrap also must be sized appropriately for the viewing distance and readily. Our graphic designer team can incorporate the design elements that create an outstanding, noticeable and memorable.
The more recognition for your business means the more customers. Therefore our team looking at the key elements for designing is the
• Visibility
• Area
• Legibility
• Colors & contrast
• Text size and style

Production & Installation
Not all wraps are treated the same from every car wraps company. The right technique with wrong tools will lead to failure. Moreover, trimming the access and tucked properly after wrap, the outcome will look awful. That is the reason why a professional workmanship is important. With our latest technology, Kemsigns is one of the first car wrap company in Australia. Over 35 years experience Kemsigns Pty Ltd. is a complete branding management company, in custom creating and using highest quality products with 12 years manufacturing warranty.

Using Heat-gun (not a brow torch) at the right temperature and right amount of time is playing an integral part of wrapping. Every vinyl is different, and also it has PVC in it. Therefore when the vinyl is overheated or overstretched it will go back to its original shape. As our professional wrap team, you can rely us.

Post installation

After your beautiful wrapped car is finished, there is some addition to keep the car looking good. Maintaining your regular cleaning of a wrap is also important for wrap durability time. Especially, in industrial areas, at high elevation, or the sun exposure area. The pollutants, smog and UV will result in a shorter ability of the wraps.

The best way to clean a wrap is skipping the brush wash, applying detergent and water mix with a soft cloth is suitable. However, the detergent should be free from abrasive component, strong solvents or alcohols.
The advantages of Car colour change film
1. More economical
2. Faster process of changing the look of a vehicle
3. There is variety of texture options with vinyl
4. The wrap can be removed leaving a factory finish